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Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi, School Code 530792
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The school firmly believes that learning is a life-long process and hence created a supportive, safe and secure environment, that helps in nurturing a love for learning in the child.

An evolved curriculum which is concept-based and life skills developing, rather than only content-based, assisted by multimedia tools, makes the child adept at successfully integrating with the society that he/she grows into, making learning at truly effective. Our academic programme is balanced, with equal emphasis on extra-curricular activities.

The school has a wide range of sports. Every child is expected to participate, according to age appropriateness. There is an extensive variety of activities, to whet the interests of students such as Horse riding, Astronomy, Robotics, Arts and Crafts, Music and Dance, and a Literary Club. All this exposure helps in the development of a healthy, multidimensional personality.

Being truly international at Shri Krishan School giving the children a school with world class facilities with an ambience conducive to teaching and learning, and teaching practices which help develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people, who in turn will help create a better and more peaceful world through inter-cultural understanding and respect. The International programmes that we offer, inspire students to become active, compassionate life-long learners who understand and appreciate that other people with their diverse cultures and views can also be right.

Shri Krishan Public School believes in guiding its students into becoming responsible national and global citizens, who are nevertheless rooted in Indian Culture and Traditions. Imbued with core moral values of strength of character, compassion and respect for others; yet being appreciative of other cultures and open to alternative view points, in the spirit of benign tolerance.

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