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Dear Parents/Guardians/well wishers,


Today, I have got privilege to share my feelings, experiences and thoughts about creating conducive & congenial working culture for the benefit of building the golden future of students of this school. I accept the challenges of providing the holistic growth i.e. Physical, Mental, Intellectual & Spiritual development, to my innocent & pure students, since joining here w.e.f. 22nd June, 2015. The school is located at the rural background place and most of students belong to farmer families & servicemen whose families are residing in Tehsil or villages. Although, it will be the herculean task for me to steer the functioning of the school with instruction of medium – ENGLISH as well as transacting the school curriculum in Stress-Free Education, Zero Punishment Concept & Caring and Loving Environment. But, the objective of our mission is the achievement of Values Based Education i.e. Shiksha and Sanskar.

The central idea of our efforts is ”Rediscovering Core Ethos’’. I have made an attempt to understand the powerful knowledge behind such vision and got – ”our basic underlying nature is loving, peaceful, balanced, and harmonious. We are innately compassionate, caring, and kind. We are souls.’’

Moreover, it does not seem to happen in our lives. Because, over the course of our lifetimes, an overlay of fear, anger, envy, sadness, insecurity, and many other negative thoughts and emotions accrues and covers our beautiful inner nature. This outer covering is intensified and reinforced by our childhood training and experiences in the current life. Then, we pray to parampita parmatma, GOD Shiv – ‘Lead me from darkness to light’. This situation comes in our life after receiving the true knowledge through EDUCATION in the best institution. Certainly, these attempts of imparting education should be made Rediscovering Core Ethos.

I intend to make the paradigm shift among students in terms of enriching inner-self conscience, knowledge, skills and leading a Karmyogi jeevan. The instrumental role is to be played by the Mentors for our students. So, I prefer to transform the Mentor of this school up-to the mark by workshops, seminars, meetings etc for enhancing his/her capabilities as the power of Purity, the power of Service & the power of Togetherness to reach at the GOAL of our vision and mission. Education now-a-days does not confine to the class rooms teachings with notes & books. Our school provides ample opportunities to develop personality, self-confidence & skills to keep pace with modern pressure of life. These attributes to students fill their lives with Values of Life i.e. peace, love, happiness, simplicity & bliss, etc which can never be obtained in any worldly market with the help of its means of currency. I extend my deep sense of appreciation to all my learned mentors/teachers for building powerful future of students as well as to worthy parents for their best efforts to understand the likings, feelings & togetherness of their child.

I am grateful to the Chairman, the Manager and other members of SMC for taking keen interest in the all-round development of this school and supporting me in giving the shape of A School for the dreamers of tomorrow who ask from us:

Why not a school where every test is a lesson in life?

Why not a school where every philosophy will colour the nation tomorrow?

Why not a school where a child is taught to be what he/she longs, wants and aspires to be?

Why not a school that tells every child – “be what you want to be?”

I owe to all who love me, inspire me, & persuade me to do the right work.


Thanking you,
Sincerely yours,

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